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Dork Tidings

Muskrat Ramblings for Now People

April 1st Guest Artist Week @ 08:51 am

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Today marks the start of a four-part Dork Tower story done by none other than my really great pal, Alex Robinson (aka alexbot3000).

It really is very, very good, and I'm unbelievably happy to be running it here.

Instead of using the LiveJournal page as a link, I'm using this spot to run a larger sized version of the comic than I can fit on the Dork Tower homepage.

Now, sit back, enjoy, and play a quick game of "Can you name all the Dork Tower characters here?"

The story continues tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.


Wired ran an article with a photo series inside the Mozilla HQ, and there's A2A!

Old skewl first edition, too!

Dork Tidings

Muskrat Ramblings for Now People