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Dork Tidings

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The Secret Origins of Pegasaurus - the conclusion @ 07:55 am

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Here it is. The end.

Many of you should now see why I find alexbot3000's comics and graphic novels among the finest, most satisfying I've ever read. "Box Office Poison" and "Tricked" were both superb, and I was flattered when he asked me to write the intro to "BOP", a collection of Box Office Poison short stories. For something completely different, "Alex Robinson's Lower Regions" is an absolute blast.

Anyway, pick something of his up. Seriously.

It's that good.

Wasn't this just a bloody amazing series?

I mean, SERIOUS standing ovation, gang.

AND, yes - he had Matt and Gilly kissing (kinda sorta fading and all)! I've absolutely refused to ever draw that, even for folks at cons who just wanted a sketch of it, non-canon and all though it'd be. So this is a huge first, in the tiny little world of my cartoon.

Buy Alex's stuff if only for that alone.:-)

Dork Tidings

Muskrat Ramblings for Now People