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Harm for the Holidays

OK...the first idea for a Dork Tower Holiday Giveaway contest was the best.

Or at least, given our short space of time, it was the easiest to implement immediately, while still being clever.

Whoever writes the best Dork-Tower-related holiday haiku wins!

Thanks to pisica, who wins one of two Santa's Holiday Flyer ornaments, for the idea.

The second will go to the winner of the contest. Both will also receive Munchkin Christmas Cards, signed by me, which, yes, give you a special power in the game.

I may send out one or two extras cards, if there are other particularly clever entries.

Entries must be posted HERE, in this here Livejournal blog entry, by Friday, December 19, so I can get the ornaments and cards to them by Christmas day...

Write a Dork Tower
Haiku For the Holidays
That's all, folks. Huzzah!


Have a happy holiday season.

Louisa's cuteness demands it!


Dear Apple,

PLEASE get shiny new desktop towers out. Now. My current machine needs all the help it can get.

And by the way, I've read plenty of reviews of the new MacBook Pro 17" model. Can you start selling them anytime soon? What up with that?

Must go. My old machines are starting to gurgle again...
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