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All chocolate version @ 10:37 pm

robot_grrl commented on muskrat_john's post:

A few years ago my husband and I attended our one and only RockCon/DorkStock. You however had to attend your parents 50th anniversary - which was of course WAY more important**. But, you didn't get to try my all chocolate version of Igor Bars.

I used two packages of Nestles Toll House cookie bars (double chocolate - available at the time) and pressed them into a greased and lined disposable aluminum baking pans. Side by side they easily filled the bottom of the pan.

I warmed up 2 jars of good all butter caramel sauce and added enough Ghirardelli's powdered chocolate to make it extra thick. After spreading this out I pressed in chocolate covered peanuts.

I then used Cocoa Krispies to make the Rice Krispy bar layer. To top it off I melted dark chocolate chips and poured this over everything and then arranged nonpareils into the traditional smiley face anhk.

I'm sorry you didn't get to try it. My husband tried them and then just sat down quiet like. I'm not sure whether it was the sugar, the theobromine rush, or both. Maybe if you ever make it out to ComicCon (since we've relocated ourselves form the Chicago burbs) I'll have to bring you a pan.

**My husbands parents just celebrated their 50th and my parents are due to celebrate their 50th next year in Feb. Yay!

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