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February 28th, 2012

StellarCon 36 @ 01:26 pm

So anyhoo, I'll be at StellarCon 36  (High Point, North Carolina) this weekend, as the Special Guest of Honor! (Want me to come to a con? The guidelines are here.)

I've heard great things about the show, and I'm looking forward to it - along with what is almost surely going to be a futile search for Shrimp and Grits (too far north, apparently), and a less futile search for some solid 'Que.

I'm not bringing any stuff to sell - but I'll be hanging about the con for what appears to be the vast majority of it.

If you happen to be in the area, here's where I'll be found:

FRIDAY, 4 pm - Gaming 101 - A workshop-style panel in which experienced game designers and game masters take you through each step necessary to play in a tabletop game.

FRIDAY, 6 pm - Opening Ceremonies/Cabaret - StellarCon 36 officially begins here! Following a brief ceremony, StellarCon's always-fun Cabaret at the End of the Universe will debut at its new time.

SATURDAY, 9 am - Authors vs Artists SFF Pictionary - In this StellarCon tradition, hosted by Danny Birt, we find out whether or not artistic talent has anything to do with being good at Pictionary as author and artist go head to head.

SATURDAY, 1 pm - Illustrating Card Games - Creating art that looks good and fits into a tiny box is its own kind of challenge. Experts provide their experiences from working in this unique format.

SATURDAY, 3 pm - Interview with John Kovalic - An interview with Special Guest of Honor John Kovalic.

SATURDAY 6 pm - Writing Comics - As a format, comic strips and comic books have their own rules distinct from prose or scripts. Professionals familiar with those differences share and offer advice in this panel.

SATURDAY, 8 pm - Game Design 101 - Game designers get into the nuts and bolts of creating a game from scratch, whether it's a board game, card game, roleplaying game, or something more unusual.

SUNDAY, 11 am - Awards in Sci-Fi and Fantasy - Which awards matter? Who will win them?

As always, I'm happy to sign pretty much whatever you want (NOTE: certain body parts do not apply) - though be warned, this does tend to drive the prices down on anything I autograph (another fine reason not to have me sign certain body parts).

Hope to see some of you there!

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Date:February 28th, 2012 07:38 pm (UTC)
Crackerbarrel offers Shrimp & Grits.

Not the best S&G's I've ever had, but they're S&G.


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