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Gamey Goodness

In some ways, it's been a long, hard summer, and I've been emotionally up and down as things that were expected haven't gone as expected.

But this morning has been a good one.

A package arrived from the Out of the Box warehouse. The British isles version of Apples to Apples arrived on the doorstep, and I'm totally happy with how it turned out. Close to 400 cards came out of the US Party Box set, with the same number of Brit-cific ones replacing them.

I fear my next visit to my birthland isn't for a couple months yet, but I can't wait to break this out with friends and family. I'm not sure if it be in shops yet, but if not, then soon.

Can't wait 'til it gets in Hamley's...

Between this, Cineplexity and aBRIDGEd, it's gonna be a fun year for the company.


Speaking of which, here's a cool Apples to Apples fan site I stumbled across.


I'm not sure when we did this, but it's pretty cool, too: an Apples to Apples flash game demo.

I've gotta start paying more attention to our own web site.


In other Out of the Box news, the Cineplexity demo at GenCon apparently went swimmingly, and the game is in its final prep phase before it's sent off for printing. Should be out in the fourth quarter, in time for the holidays, and I just can't wait.

The cover's changed a bit. Here it be.


And lastly, Cthulhu Munchkin chugs along.


Cultist (seen him before?); Discovery Family Secret

Learn things Man Was Not Meant to Know; Mystical Visions

Cultist; Sole Survivor

As promised, more cool Cthulhu-related (though non-munchkin-y) news soon!
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